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Oil Cooler

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Oil Cooler
This product is used in cooling of engine lubricating oil or fuel oil in the vehicle, engineering machinery and ships. On the heating side of the cooler is lubricating oil or fuel oil while on the cooling side may be cooling water or air. When the vehicle is running, lubricating oil in various lubricating systems is driven by oil pumps to flow along the channel at heating side of the cooler so that heat in the oil is transmitted to the cooling side of the engine oil cooler and brought away by the cooling water or cooling air in the channel at the cooling side. Heat exchange between hot fluid and cool fluid is realized in this way to ensure the lubricating oil is maintained at most suitable temperature. This product can realize cooling of lubricating oil on engines, automatic gearboxes and power steering gear.
This product, whose main body is made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, castings and other metal materials by means of welding or assembling, is a heat exchanger composed of the heating side channel and cooling side channel interconnected together. According to the cooling medium, oil coolers can be classified into water-cooled oil coolers and wind-cooled oil coolers. The product structure includes plate fin type, donut type, matrix type, tube fin type, concentric type, bar plate type, tube shell type, assembly fitting type and other types of structures. Types of construction of the product are inclusive of cooler core, cooler assembly, cooler core + shell, cooler core + shell + filter as well as other types of construction. This product features compact structure, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, high heat transfer efficiency and reliability. With diversified structures, this product is adaptive to different working environments. In particular in case of cooling by air, remote installation is available for the coolers and the arrangement is flexible.
Engine oil cooler is one of the indispensable heat exchanger components in lubricating system of modern vehicles and engines as well as one of the important components for normal operation of vehicles and engines. With rapid development of automobile industry and stringer emission regulations, oil coolers are upgraded all the time as stringer and stringer requirements on the resistance to pressure and temperature. Light, compact and modular oil coolers are the target of development.

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