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New Products


Yinlun is performing R&D in products and technologies meeting the demand for saving energy and reducing emission to meet European emission level IV or above, including new effective smart heat exchangers, SCR technology and cooling systems for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Oil Cooler

1.Energy conservation and new energy technology;
– Energy conservation and new energy technology;
– HEV and EV thermal management technology;
– Engine residual-heat utilization – ORC technology;
2.Emission reduction technology
– Vehicle aftertreament EGR & SCR system technology meeting European emission level IV and V;
3.Core product technology
– Technologies of vehicle/engineering machinery cooling module, car front-end cooling module, oil cooler and assembly;
4.Materials and process
– Application research on heat exchanger materials meeting European emission level IV/V and the requirements for light weight;
– Welding technique research for aluminum, stainless steel and copper for new generation of heat exchangers meeting the requirements for energy conservation and consumption reduction

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