To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider

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Yinlun Strategy


This strategy includes:
Vision, mission, goal and strategy
Vision:To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider

Mission:To build a better life for society, customers and shareholders by providing values through heat exchanger and emission after-treatment products and service

Goal:To realize sale volume of over RMB 10 billion before 2020

Strategy::““Four internationalization”

Internationalization of products:Design and manufacture products that meet the demand of different countries and regions
Internationalization of talent:Hire first-class technical or management talents in the industry that enjoy rich overseas working experience.
Internationalization of factory:Build local factories close to customer around the world according to market demand.
Internationalization of management:Establish unique management model (YBS) through advanced management method or tool such as 6Sigma and lean manufacturing ones.

The goal of the company in the next five to ten years mainly include four aspects:

1. Good business performance: Maintain the average annual growth rate of 25% and good shareholder return.
2. International company: First-class technology research and development, first-class staff, first-class management system, globally distributed production base.
3. Partner customers trust: Provide customers with products and service more valuable than those offered by the competitors.
4. Global ranking: Strive to be among the top heat system suppliers in the world.

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