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Code of Conduct

Love of motherland, love of people, love of cause and love of life are the sources of Yinlun’s cohesion. “Honesty and excellence, struggle and innovation, modesty and studiousness, unity and collaboration” is the essence of Yinlun’s enterprise culture. It is the conduct code of Yinlun’s employees to unite all the strength that can be united, integrate all the resources that can be integrated, mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized, dare to deny oneself, face the music, and be ready to help others.
Honesty and excellence:Operate with honesty, be sincere, pursue excellence, refuse mediocrity;
Struggle and innovation:Not fear difficulties, work hard and perseveringly, break the routine, win during change;
Modesty and studiousness:Be modest and prudent,hold world with virtue, learn every day, make progress every day;
Unity and cooperation:Unite as one, maintain the same goal, share out the work and help one another, develop in the same direction;
Unite all the strength that can be united:All persons, enterprises, organizations and academies that are willing to revitalize China’s industry of automotive heat exchangers together with Yinlun will be united by Yinlun;
Integrate all the resources that can be integrated:integrate and utilize Yinlun’s existing expert resources, social relation resources, human resources, etc, and maximize the effects of resources on the realization of Yinlun’s great strategic goal;
Mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized:Arouse, through various measures such as economic measures, policies and systems, the enthusiasm of the various existing talents, experts, cooperating agencies, academies and enterprises, as well as support and promote Yinlun’s development;
Dare to deny oneself:A person can only accept new knowledge with an open mind, constantly enrich himself and improve himself after knowing his limitations and having modest attitude;
Face the music:Work actively without delay or shuffle within the scope of one’s responsibilities or even within one’s ability;
Be ready to help others:Be always altruistic. We can only win the trust and support of the customers and eventually achieve our own success when we help the customers become successful;

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